Cisco 7201 Router

Cisco 7201 Router
Cisco 7201 Router Cisco 7201 Router Cisco 7201 Router Cisco 7201 Router
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Product Overview

The Cisco® 7201 Router is a compact, high-performance 1-rack-unit (1RU) router coupled with a broad set of interfaces and Cisco IOS® Software features, making it ideal for both service providers and enterprise applications (Figure 1).

The Cisco 7201 addresses the demand for performance and flexibility by further increasing its processing capacity and enabling the latest Cisco IOS Software features.

Benefits of the Cisco 7201 include the following (refer to Table 1 for details):

• Provides up to twice the performance compared to the Cisco 7301 - up to 2 million packets per second (2Mpps) in Cisco Express Forwarding

• Offers four built-in Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports

• Provides one dedicated 10/100-Mbps copper Ethernet port for management

• Provides one USB port for general storage and security token storage

• Offers 1 GB of DRAM memory by default; upgradeable to 2 GB of available DRAM

• Offers greatly improved price/performance ratio

• Provides a single Cisco 7000 Series port adapter slot

• Supports complete Cisco IOS Software feature set

• Provides pluggable GE optics (Small Form-Factor Pluggable [SFP] optics)

• Has compact, power-efficient 1RU form factor

• Offers front-to-back airflow and single-sided management

Broadband Applications

• Broadband aggregation - PPP Termination and Aggregation/L2TP Access Concentrator (PTA/LAC) or L2TP Network Server/L2TP Tunnel Switch (LNS/TS) Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)/Broadband Remote Access Server router capable of handling up to 8000 simultaneous sessions and allowing for a pay-as-you-grow "rack and stack" architecture

• TISPAN RCEF - Intelligent service gateway (ISG) router capable of intelligent subscriber management that captures incremental revenue; supports up to 8000 simultaneous Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and IP sessions.

Service Provider Edge Applications

• IPv6 gateway - Linking between an IPv4 network and an IPv6 network, including IPv6 VPN architectures

• Managed services - High-end customer premises equipment (CPE) or Multiprotocol Label Switching-customer edge (MPLS-CE) devices because of its high-performance, feature-rich support with both GE LAN connectivity and WAN port adapter connectivity

• High-availability design - Redundancy with 2 CPEs configured for Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) or Layer 3 load balancing

• Cost-effective route reflector - Ideally suited as a low-cost route reflector with its ability to hold one million routes with its maximum of 2-GB memory installed

Enterprise Applications

• High-end CPE in large branch - The Cisco 7201 offers four built-in GE interfaces in a compact 1RU form factor with powerful performance and support to all required services at an enterprise branch office. Acting as managed or unmanaged high-end CPE, the Cisco 7201 supports Ethernet as a single technology for LAN and WAN at the branch, a cost-effective alternative to traditional WAN links with flexible bandwidth offerings: 10/100/1000 Mbps.

• Enterprise high-speed Internet gateway - The Cisco 7201 is a dedicated high-performance Internet gateway with the option to connect to a service provider by using either onboard FE or GE ports or a traditional WAN port adapter (PA) in the PA slot. Support for features such as IP Security (IPsec) and stateful firewall at very high speeds makes it an ideal Internet gateway (security) appliance.

• Optimized edge routing (OER) - The solution containing a Cisco 7201 as a master controller (MC), a Cisco 7206 border router at the hub site, and an integrated services router (ISR) as the border router or master controller in the branch provides WAN availability, WAN performance, and load distribution. The solution reduces operational cost, optimizes application performance, balances load between two networks, and provides operational simplicity and constant network performance monitoring. It is Cisco's highest-performing OER solution, and it supports up to 15,000 prefixes.

• Tunnel-less VPN services - The solution containing a Cisco 7201 as a key server, a Cisco 7206 at the hub site, and an integrated services router (ISR) in the branch supports Cisco Group Encrypted Transport (GET) VPN to satisfy federal or industry regulations requiring confidential communications. The service integration delivers greater value, stronger branding, operational simplicity, and easy service rollout.

By enabling the multifunction capabilities of the Cisco 7201, customers can simplify their network architectures, significantly reduce initial equipment costs, and increase revenue opportunities through value-added services.

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